UCLA Logic Center

There will be a Very Informal Gathering of Logicians at UCLA from Friday February 10 to Sunday February 12, 2023. This event will celebrate Tony Martin's 80th birthday. The conference website is here.

The UCLA Logic Center was established in the Fall of 2004, by a generous anonymous donation. Its purpose is to foster teaching and research in logic, broadly understood to include all areas of mathematical and philosophical logic as well as the applications of logic to philosophy, linguistics, and computer science. It provides support for graduate students, faculty, and visitors, and it organizes scientific meetings, in association with other groups at UCLA and in the greater Southern California area.

The faculty affiliated with the Logic Center includes members of the UCLA Departments of Mathematics, Philosophy, and Linguistics, as well as logicians from Caltech, UC Irvine, and the University of Southern California.

For information about the UCLA Logic Center, contact its Director, Artem Chernikov, chernikov@math.ucla.edu.

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