February 1 - February 3, 2013

This map shows the locations of several Westwood hotels. The list below includes the most reasonably priced hotels with vacancies for the VIG nights, as of January 9, 2012. The prices listed are for single rooms (mention coming for the logic conference at UCLA when you call). All hotels in Westwood can sell out long in advance. Regardless of the hotel you choose, we advise making your reservation as early as possible.

The nearest airport is LAX. There is a convenient non-stop bus, the LAX Westwood FlyAway between the airport and Westwood. The Westwood station is marked on the map. It is about half a mile from the hotels. Fare is $5 (exact change) each way.

The airport is served by two shared rides companies, Prime Time Shuttle and Super Shuttle. One-way fares to Westwood hotels are about $15.

A taxi from the airport to Westwood should cost around $45.